Can Rats Climb Walls?

People always ask us “How do rats get into our attic?” Well the answer is simple they climb. “But I don’t have any trees touching my home” as in this video you can see they don’t need trees to get onto your roof. I have seen then climb stucco, brick and even wood homes.

Just Ask The Professionals First

So when battling a rodent infestations remember the whole structure must be sealed. That is from top to bottom and underneath if an elevated structure.

 There Is Help Available

So remember when dealing with a rat infestation call the PROS at Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. to eradicate your rodent issues.

Black Snake Removal

Black Snake Caught In A Bush In Orlando

Sometimes snakes can be a pain to find.  A lot of times they will make their way under a slab of cement, shed, or other obstacle.  Sometimes, like today, they’re just really well hidden.  I was called out to a house in Orlando.  The customer had been seeing what he was pretty sure was just a common black snake.  He didn’t really mind snakes but wasn’t a fan either and decided it was time for it to go.  I got there and started looking for the snake around the back pool cage where he had been seeing it.  I looked and looked and looked for an hour or so and couldn’t find it.  I sat and watched for a little while as I’ve noticed sometimes they’ll pop out of wherever they’re hiding if left alone.  Still no snake.  I started looking again through all the bushes and trees as I occasionally find them there.  Sure enough, I spotted a little bit of black movement in the middle of a bush.  I watched it as the snake slowly moved upward towards the top of the bush and popped its head out.  Finally, I had found it.

Black Racer In Bush In Orlando
Black Racer In Bush In Orlando
Black Snake In Bush Orlando Removal
Black Snake In Bush Orlando Removal
Black Snake Removed From Orlando Shrub
Black Snake Removed From Orlando Shrub

Bees In Tree Brings Stings

Bee Hive Treatment Followup

Today I went out to check on a bee hive that we had sprayed yesterday in order to clean out the hive and seal the hole.  An Orlando customer and her two kids had been stung several times by bees over the last few days.  The customer noticed the bees flying in and out of a hole fifteen to twenty feet off the ground in a tree.  I donned my bee keeper suit and sprayed the bees and hive yesterday.

Bees Are Gone And The Customer Is Happy

Today, the only thing left is the empty bee hive.  I will clean out as much of the hive as possible and seal the hole in the tree to prevent another swarm of bees from starting another colony in the same hole.