Animal Proofing

 Are you tired of not getting any sleep at night from hearing that annoying scratching , gnawing, chewing noises coming from the attic or walls?  Maybe it’s time that you had Nuisance Wildlife Removal out to identify what type of wild animal is keeping you up at night. We have highly trained, licensed technicians that will do a comprehensive inspection of both the attic and the exterior of your property allowing us to determine from the droppings that are present & the openings that are found what type of animal has taken up residency in your home.

After the detailed inspection of your property the technician will show you pictures of the damages they have found & discuss the options to humanely removing the animals & animal proofing your home.  When wanting to Animal-Proof your home you must consider all of these possible entry points:

  • Roof Vents are generally constructed of light weight aluminum or plastic generally only come installed with either a light weight screening or no screening at all allowing the animals to have easy access right into the attic.
  • Chimneys If not properly capped, become the perfect nesting site for birds, raccoons, squirrels and in many cases these animals fall into the chimneys and are unable to get back out causing them to get stuck at that bottom and often times dying causing even more of an issue.
  • Plumbing Vents are often a “free-way” for unwanted pests such as rodents, snakes & frogs that could end up greeting you in the middle of the night during a trip to the restroom, or be the perfect entry into the living space.
  • Exhaust Vents are often left unsecured, they create easy access for not only the squirrels, rats & birds but also for bees & wasp to nest in & gain entry into your home.
  • Roof Lines / Soffit areas are often found poorly constructed or rotted, these areas offer a “open-door” of entry straight into the attic area. These areas allow not only rodents & squirrels easy access but are also the most common entry points for raccoon entry.

We Know Wild Animals And How To Remove Them Successfully

Please call Nuisance Wildlife Removal for a complete comprehensive inspection of your property to humanely rid yourself & home of these unwanted animals.

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