Storm Damage Inspection

Post-Storm Inspections

Having your home inspected after a tropical storm, hurricane, or other natural disaster is an important part of recovering after a storm. Unfortunately, many home owners tend to skip this step. While many of these homeowners think they’re saving time and money, this can actually cost them thousands of dollars down the road.

Many homeowners think that if they did not get a direct impact that their home has not been compromised.  When in fact more often than not this is not the case. Even if your home only received the outer lying bands of a major storm the strong winds and rain can cause minor to extensive damage that you may not even be aware of. It’s always a good idea to take a few minutes and do a once over of your property once the storm has passed.

Potential Storm Damaged Areas

The following are some areas that you should pay close attention to:

  • Soffit being blown out of place or punctured by debris
  • Chimney cap being blown off or debris blown into the chimney
  • Roof shingles or tiles being blown off or shifted
  • Gutters being torn or pulled off
  • Roof vents getting blown off
  • Gutters being filled up with leaves & debris
  • Door sweeps

Animals Will Take Advantage Of Your Misfortune

All of these areas, if compromised, can lead to not only potential structural issues but also leave an invitation for animals to enter the home to a seek drier, warmer habitat for them to reside. It’s a good idea to call out a professional wildlife removal company to inspect your property for you after a storm before you commence with repairs to be sure you are not going to seal-up any wildlife within your home. Often times the wildlife company offers services to not only repair the damages caused by the storm but also to reinforce all other possible entry points and openings to prevent wildlife from gaining entry.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal not only offers a FREE inspection to all homeowners, we also offer services to repair and prevent animal damage.

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