Attic Restoration

Has your attic or crawl space been compromised by animals such as rats, mice, birds, squirrels, bats, raccoons or opossums? Did they contaminate your home by leaving behind urine, feces & disease?

Restore The Attic To Better Than New

Nuisance Wildlife Removal specializes in the restoration & decontamination of attics or crawlspaces that have been compromised by such wildlife.  Animals, rodents, and their waste carry many diseases & parasites that can cause serious illnesses to humans and pets.  In addition to the many diseases they carry they also cause severe property damage to your insulation, AC ducts, drywall, electric wires etc within your home.

We offer complete attic restoration services; removal of contaminated / soiled insulation & replacement, decontamination, rodent waste & debris removal and exclusion / prevention services (sealing the home against re-entry) to return the home back to a healthy / suitable living environment.

Our procedures & methods are SAFE, effective and affordable. We stand behind all of our services with a written warranty.

-Attic Cleanup (Restoration)
Each and every home is unique in its own way when it comes to attic / crawl space restoration. NWR takes pride in the services that are offered using vacuums that contain HEPA filters, protective coverings for the flooring, walls & furniture to prevent any contamination during the cleaning process.  We follow the recommended CDC / OSHA guidelines along with our enhanced safety techniques to remove & dispose of the contaminated, soiled insulation & waste thus preventing any further contamination within your home. All technicians are properly trained on  how to treat / handle the situation at hand, treating your home as if it were their own.

-Decontamination Once the soiled / damaged insulation & feces have been removed we then treat the attic / crawlspace with an eco-friendly bacteria digester that will free the attic / crawl space of any bacteria, odors, viruses or diseases that the rodents / animals left behind.

-Re-Insulation After the attic / crawlspace has been completely cleaned & disinfected it is then time to
re-insulate. NWR Offers several types of insulation, the most common being Owens Corning blown-in at an R-30 value, often times restoring the attic beyond the original R-value that we began with.  This will help out on your energy / power bill.

-Exclusion (Sealing the home against future entry)
NWR will conduct a through inspection of the entire exterior perimeter of the home from top to bottom noting all possible entry points for rodents / animals to gain entry.  All possible entry points will be sealed to prevent any future rodent / animal entry.  All of this is done in the most effective yet esthetic manor keeping that “curb-appeal” to your home.  This process will save you money in the long run by preventing you from needing rodent / animal restoration services in the future.


Again each home is unique and different. The cost of attic / crawl space restoration varies depending upon the size of the space, amount of damage, type of insulation,  etc. We offer FREE INSPECTIONS. Upon completion of the inspection we can provide you with an exact estimate for restoration services.

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