Mole Removal / Control


Moles are subterranean creatures that cause unsightly, zig-zag “runways,” tunnels throughout lawns and are classified as pests. While moles generally do not cause harm to plants and other vegetation, they can destroy an entire yard in a very short period of time if left untreated. There are numerous mole removal options out there to eliminate them, but only a few are truly effective.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal offers both a trapping / removal service of moles and or baiting for mole control.  In-conjunction with either form of mole control it is also necessary that the lawn area be treated to deplete the food supply, i.e. worms, larvae, grubs, that attracted the moles in the first place. Once the moles have been trapped & the area treated it is no longer a conducive habitat for the moles.

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