How Do Snakes Get In My House

Here at Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. when we go out to a snake removal call people always ask how did that snake get into my home. The homeowner always goes and looks around his home for gaps and breaches but they only seem to look at ground level. There has been many times I have been in an attic and seen snake skins.

The Slithering Facts Do Not Lie -Watch The Video

Snakes Can Stick To Brick

So the video shows just how some snakes get into your home though gaps higher than you might think the can access. This just goes to prove that snakes can climb walls..

Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. can seal your home from these slithering species.


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Black Snake Terrifies Customer

Black Snake Education Settles Terrified Customer

A lot of people are terrified of snakes.  To some customers a harmless black snake, king snake, rat snake, or other non-venomous snake is a slithering terror waiting to attack.  I had one such run in a couple days ago.

A Harmless Black Snake Can Seem Dangerous To Some

The customer called in to the office in hysterics.  She had just seen a huge snake moving across her patio when she was leaving for work.  No longer was she going to work, or outside the house for that matter.  Not with certain death waiting just outside her door.  I pulled up to the house not sure what kind of snake it would be.  It was huge, that’s all I knew.  I walked around the house and found the massive, extremely deadly predator!  It turned out to be a completely harmless black snake.  I snapped a couple pictures and put the snake in my snake bag.  I then went in to talk to the customer.  She was extremely relieved to know I had caught it.  I eventually was able to convince her that it was harmless after showing her pictures of the snakes that are venomous and a picture of a black snake.  After some more coaxing, she even consented to letting me show her the snake while still in the bag.  After being around it for a few minutes and being educated on the harmlessness of this particular snake and most others, while still uncomfortable, she wanted a closer look.  I took it out of the bag and continued talking about how they are a fundamental part of the ecosystem, just as every other animal has its purpose.  After answering all her questions and putting most of her fears to rest, I left with her once deadly menace.