​Pet & Wildlife Safety

​Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Pets & Wildlife Safe

In homes where pets are loved, they are treated like family. You should not be shocked to find them sleeping in beds and eating from the same plates that the regular family members use. Additionally, the pets are given the best of care on a regular basis and you will find them being washed and groomed just to make sure they fit into the family. One thing that needs to be taken seriously is the safety of pets and wild animals that may be used as pets.

Keep them clean

Safety does not necessary mean protection from fire and storms but it also brings in the need to keep the pets from getting sick. One of the things that encourage the build up of germs and bacteria is dirt. If dirt is allowed to accumulate in your pet, then the risk of the pet contracting a disease is increased. Thus said, you need to come up with a schedule that helps you maintain a clean pet. The intensity of the wash will depend on how furred the animal is and where you live.

Make use of a leash

Dogs are known to be jumpy and excited especially when you take them out for a walk. The other thing about them is that you may never tell what they will do once they see a cat nearby. To keep them from bolting of across the road and probably getting hit by a car, it is very wise to make use a leash. This will keep the dog within the designated area hence assuring you of its safety.

Make use of name tags

It is not very common to walk a cat as they are left to do this on their own. However, they at times wonder off and forget to trace their way back home and they may get picked by strangers. One of the ways of making sure that your cat will be returned to you is by making use of name tags. The tags have been modified nowadays to contain data such as the owner’s name, their address and contacts and any information pertaining to the pet. With a tag around your pet’s neck, the risk of getting completely lost and mauled by dogs is greatly reduced.

Keep them indoors during winter

Winter is always known to be responsible to pet deaths due to the freezing temperatures. During the worst of winter, it might be wise to keep your pets indoors as this might just be the thing that saves their lives. If this is not possible, you might want to consider keeping them well covered to reduce heat loss while in their pens. Where possible, you can introduce electric heaters and warmers as these go a long way in providing the much needed heat.

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