Bat Infested Orlando Home

Just Another Day For The “Bat Man”

Yesterday was another example of why it’s so important to remove nuisance animals as soon as they’re noticed in a home or building.  I went out to an Orlando house yesterday infested

with bats in the attic.  I hoped the homeowner had just noticed them and it was a fairly small problem still as we would not be able to remove them for several months.  In Florida, we cannot interfere with bats’ living area from April 15th to August 15th.  This is the bats maternity season.  The only thing we can do is prevent them from moving to another part of the house by excluding those areas. The area the bats are entering now must be left alone until the end of this season, not a pleasant bit of news for the homeowner.

Famous Words “Maybe They Will Go Away”

The homeowner had first noticed the bats entering an eave on the house around the beginning of the year but kept putting it off thinking they would eventually leave on their own.  No such luck.  The bats had made it their home and weren’t going anywhere.  I figured there were a fairly large amount of bats in the attic as I could smell the guano when I walked up to the front door.  I prepared my camera, respirator, and headlamp to see just how bad it was from inside the attic.  Sure enough, the attic near the exterior entrance was filled with bats and their guano.  As the attic light came on they started scampering away into corners or under boards.

Proof Is In The Pictures

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I was able to get pictures of quite a few before they could move to hiding.  For now we’ll have to prevent further movement and come back in August to remove the bats and begin cleanup of the attic.




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Arcadia Racccoon Job

Raccoon Removal Project In Arcadia

Arcadia is known for being in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing more common in the middle of nowhere, FL than wild hogs!  Well, when our VP Christy Norris, asked me to head to Arcadia for the day, I figured she was going to say the word “hog”.  Thankfully it was just a family that was in need of raccoon removal.

Once I pulled up, the family was standing in front of their house pointing to the garage.  I could tell they looked very concerned and anxious to get rid of this problem. Raccoons are among the most common of the nuisance animals we are called to relocate from properties. Raccoons are also the most common animal in Florida to be carrying rabies.

Raccoons Were Hold Up In The Garage

The family had no knowledge of how the mother raccoon and her babies got into their garage, but they did know they wanted them out asap!  After carefully moving some stuff around in the garage, allowing space to work with the animals, I was able to box in the mother raccoon in the corner of the garage.  I was then safely able to gather the four small baby raccoons and place them in a secure cage together.  Once the mother was finally trapped, I also placed her in my truck for removal.  While talking to the family and explaining that the space was safe to return too, I noticed something in the tree beside their house.  Fifteen feet up in the tree was a large honeycomb nest which was occupied by some bees.  I pointed it out to the family and offered my service to remove that as well.  Once they agreed, I was able to rid them of a family of raccoons, and remove a large nest of bees that could be harmful to them while in their yard.

Not A Good For Bees And Raccoons

It ended up being the most productive one stop service call I’ve ever had while working here.  The raccoons had been relocated, the bees were removed as a threat to nearby humans, and the family was thrilled to go about their day.