Raccoons in Bradenton Chimney

Homeowner Calls For Help!

Baby Raccoon in Chimney
Baby Raccoon in Chimney

This morning we received a call from a homeowner in northwest Bradenton.  He was slightly panic stricken because he had been out of town for several weeks and came home to noises coming from his chimney. He was apprehensive about opening the flue himself as he wasn’t sure what was going to pop out.

Onsite Inspection Reveals The Problem

Upon inspection we could hear a slight noise coming from the chimney area but nothing that allowed us to determine what it was. We opened the flue and at first saw nothing.  We assumed that it was probably just chimney swifts and we had scared them and they flew out.  However, we could still hear faint scratching sounds. We investigated a little further and saw something tiny move. It was back down and behind the flue door. It turns out to be two juvenile raccoons. We saw momma up towards the top of the chimney but we spooked her and she left.

Glad To Fix The Problem

The homeowners were relieved and could not believe such a thing could happen.



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