Rats invading home

Getting rid of mice and rats in the home is a three-part process that is best handled by a trained professional, especially if the infestation is large and entrenched. Here’s a perfect example that shows why wildlife removal services are so necessary in the Florida environment.

This homeowner had an ongoing rodent problem, and this picture shows the reason why, though you might not see it at first. It just looks like a house, surrounded by overgrown shrubs and plantings, but to a trained eye, it looks like rat heaven!

Planting shrubs too close to a house makes a perfect hiding place for rats and mice, who can jump and climb. Overgrown roots and branches can cause openings in foundations and siding where rodents can get in. In this case, the critters were getting in through a soffit opening.

Once we identified how rats and mice were getting into the house, rat removal and mouse trapping could begin. First, we trimmed back the vegetation to take away their convenient hiding places. Next, we closed the openings where they were gaining entry. Then we set humane traps for rat removal and mouse trapping of the rodents that were still indoors, cleaning up droppings and nests wherever we found them.

The result was a quick, easy solution and a happy, rodent-free homeowner. Don’t tackle getting rid of mice and rats in home environments on your own. Doing that can lead to more expensive problems, property damage and dangers to your health in the long term. Our service personnel are prompt, courteous and extremely efficient, and our initial home inspection is free of charge.

Call a professional and get the job done right!

Noisey Sarasota Attic

A Rodent Nightmare In Sarasota

Rodents like rats and mice can be a serious nuisance.  A Sarasota home I was called out to last week was a rodent nightmare.  The family complained about hearing scratching and tapping coming from above their ceiling. I knew right away it was a rodent issue. Sure enough after taking a quick glance in the attic, I saw rat droppings everywhere.

Where Were The Rodents Getting In?

The first step was to figure out where they were getting in to the home.  I noticed two small holes in the corner of the attic where sunlight was shining through, so I plugged those holes and set numerous traps.

A Call Back To Finish The Rodent Problem

On my return service visit, I found that every trap had been successful.  It is important to remove the trapped rats as soon as possible to avoid sitting in the heat of the attic.

The family was at ease knowing the smalls holes in their home’s attic where filled professionally and the rats we’re gone for good!

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