Lakeland Bat Removal

It Looks Like We Found The Bat Cave

Bat maternity season ended August 15th, giving us the opportunity to finally end homeowners’ bat problems.  Between April 15th and August 15th bats cannot legally be removed from their roosting areas.  Preventing them from moving to new areas is all that can be done.  During this window many homeowners come to us to prevent their bat problem from becoming more extensive and to schedule the eventual exclusion of the roosting bats.

Could Bats Be Taking Over YOUR House?

The bat job above was in a Lakeland home we were called out to in early June.  The bats had been there for several months according to the homeowner and had nearly filled up one of the three gable vents on the home.  If we hadn’t sealed the other areas there is a good possibility that the other two vents would have been infested with bats very quickly as space was running out due to the baby bats, or pups, maturing and taking up more space.

An Attic Full Of Bats Was In The Works

Below is video of another bat job in Lakeland we were finally able to get to.  The homeowner had first saw bats entering soffit almost a year ago.  We were called out to the home in May as the bat problem was slowly getting worse.  The homeowner started smelling and hearing them from inside the home as the bats grew in number and moved out of the soffit, into the attic.  We sealed off the other potential problem areas and went back after bat maternity season ended to remove the bats from the home.

Bats Removed From Ellenton Home (Bay News9)

Bats In Ellenton Home


A Manatee County family is battling a bat problem.

Leo and Joan Masucci, who live in Ellenton’s Colony Cove, said hundreds of bats recently moved into their home, causing major problems for them.

“You can’t imagine how stressful this has been for us,” Joan Masucci said.

The couple said that at first, they didn’t even realize the bats were there. Then, after a few months, they started smelling a rotten odor.

“I thought there was a dead animal under the house,” Leo Masucci said.

The bats were not visible to the homeowners because they were up above the ceiling. They were able to get into the home through a small hole in the back of the house.

The bats chewed through the drywall, shredded the duct work and left feces all over, which created the terrible odor.

Despite learning about the problem, the couple couldn’t do anything about it because of what time of the year it was.

“From April 15 to Aug. 15, bats here in Florida are protected,” said Christy Norris, who works with Nuisance Wildlife Removal. “There’s a maternity season, and you can’t exclude them in any way shape or form during that time.”

So the couple waited until after the protection date to move forward. However, now they’re dealing with another problem.

To repair all of the damage done to their home, it’s going to cost an estimated $15,000.

The couple thought their homeowner’s insurance would pay for it, but they’ve been told the repairs are not covered.

Bay News 9 contacted the homeowner’s insurance company, American Traditions. A representative said the company is aware of the problem and is looking into it.

The homeowners fear for their health and said that because of that, along with the smell and damages, they’ve moved out.

The Masuccis said they have decided to pay for the repairs themselves so they can return home soon. However, they’re still trying to convince their insurance company to cover the costs.

Nuisance Wildlife Removal and another team are now working on the home.

The couple says this is something they never thought was possible and now they’re warning others.

“I’d like people to know to make sure their homes are checked and that holes are filled in,” Joan Masucci said.  “There are a lot of bats looking to nest. I don’t want anyone else to have this same problem.”


Bats Attack – Are You The Next Target?

Your family will not have to go through this kind of trauma when you get a free home evaluation form the bat experts at nuisance Wildlife Trapper Inc.  So call today to gain peace of mind from filthy flying rodents living in your home.

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Bat Infested Orlando Home

Just Another Day For The “Bat Man”

Yesterday was another example of why it’s so important to remove nuisance animals as soon as they’re noticed in a home or building.  I went out to an Orlando house yesterday infested

with bats in the attic.  I hoped the homeowner had just noticed them and it was a fairly small problem still as we would not be able to remove them for several months.  In Florida, we cannot interfere with bats’ living area from April 15th to August 15th.  This is the bats maternity season.  The only thing we can do is prevent them from moving to another part of the house by excluding those areas. The area the bats are entering now must be left alone until the end of this season, not a pleasant bit of news for the homeowner.

Famous Words “Maybe They Will Go Away”

The homeowner had first noticed the bats entering an eave on the house around the beginning of the year but kept putting it off thinking they would eventually leave on their own.  No such luck.  The bats had made it their home and weren’t going anywhere.  I figured there were a fairly large amount of bats in the attic as I could smell the guano when I walked up to the front door.  I prepared my camera, respirator, and headlamp to see just how bad it was from inside the attic.  Sure enough, the attic near the exterior entrance was filled with bats and their guano.  As the attic light came on they started scampering away into corners or under boards.

Proof Is In The Pictures

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I was able to get pictures of quite a few before they could move to hiding.  For now we’ll have to prevent further movement and come back in August to remove the bats and begin cleanup of the attic.




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