Lakeland Bat Removal

It Looks Like We Found The Bat Cave

Bat maternity season ended August 15th, giving us the opportunity to finally end homeowners’ bat problems.  Between April 15th and August 15th bats cannot legally be removed from their roosting areas.  Preventing them from moving to new areas is all that can be done.  During this window many homeowners come to us to prevent their bat problem from becoming more extensive and to schedule the eventual exclusion of the roosting bats.

Could Bats Be Taking Over YOUR House?

The bat job above was in a Lakeland home we were called out to in early June.  The bats had been there for several months according to the homeowner and had nearly filled up one of the three gable vents on the home.  If we hadn’t sealed the other areas there is a good possibility that the other two vents would have been infested with bats very quickly as space was running out due to the baby bats, or pups, maturing and taking up more space.

An Attic Full Of Bats Was In The Works

Below is video of another bat job in Lakeland we were finally able to get to.  The homeowner had first saw bats entering soffit almost a year ago.  We were called out to the home in May as the bat problem was slowly getting worse.  The homeowner started smelling and hearing them from inside the home as the bats grew in number and moved out of the soffit, into the attic.  We sealed off the other potential problem areas and went back after bat maternity season ended to remove the bats from the home.

Squirrels Take Over

Squirrels Running Rampant In Podiatry Office

Nuisance Wildlife Removal received a phone call late Thursday afternoon from a Sarasota Podiatry office in reference to a very foul, dead animal smell.  They also said that they had and are still hearing a lot of noises in the drop ceiling of the office.

We scheduled an appointment for Friday since they were planning on being closed. With the office being closed up over night as soon as we arrived and the door was open  the horrible dead animal smell had taken over the entire office.

Fortunately the staff had somewhat pin-pointed the area of where the smell was most prominent.  It seemed to be coming from the bottom of the wall behind the drywall.  We went into the attic to see if we could retrieve the dead animal in the wall but the way it was constructed there was not a way to reach all the way to the bottom. We could however see it laying right at the base on the ground and it was a squirrel.

Dead Squirrel Found And Removed

So, in order to cause the least damage to the building while retrieving the dead animal we removed the base board and cut a small piece of drywall out at the bottom of the wall.  This minimized the necessary repairs.  After the dead animal was removed and an enzyme treatment was done to eliminate the odor and bacteria, we then did a complete inspection of the commercial property.

There were a total of five other offices joined together and we knew that they did not want to encounter the same issue. Upon inspection it was noted that the squirrels had definitely made themselves right at home. There were several nesting sights throughout the building and while we were inspecting we saw a squirrel exiting the building from an opening in the soffit.  We proposed an estimate to seal the entire commercial complex and to humanely trap and remove the squirrels.

The owner of the building was more than happy with all of our suggestions and gladly accepted. We will be relieving  the doctors of their “unwanted” patients in no time!