The Invisible Snake

black cnake in a bag of potting soil
Black snake hidden in a bag of potting soil

Snake Is In The Bag

I was dispatched the other day to a house in the Sarasota / Bradenton area. I was called out to pick up a snake in a bag.  I assumed they just needed someone to come by and pick up the bag with the already caught snake.  Well, that was definitely not the case.

Easy Money?

Upon arrival the home owner greeted me and informed me the bag and snake was on the back porch. So I headed to the porch and came to find out the snake was in a bag of potting soil.  I figure no big deal.

  • Open bag.
  • Grab snake.
  • Collect money.
  • Not quite that easy.

The snake was covered in soil so there was no way of identifying the snake.  Reaching in to grab an unidentified snake unprotected is definitely not a good idea.  I could tell it was black and had some markings but I couldn’t really see enough to let me know if it was a venomous snake or not.

The Expert Knows What To Do

The only snake tool I had on the truck was a snake hook.  So I finally get the snake out of the potting soil bag and into a mesh bag and off we go.  I get it back to the office and wash it off letting me see that it was a juvenile black racer.

It’s interesting how a little dirt turned this capture into a little harder judgement call.

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Black Snake Removal

Black Snake Caught In A Bush In Orlando

Sometimes snakes can be a pain to find.  A lot of times they will make their way under a slab of cement, shed, or other obstacle.  Sometimes, like today, they’re just really well hidden.  I was called out to a house in Orlando.  The customer had been seeing what he was pretty sure was just a common black snake.  He didn’t really mind snakes but wasn’t a fan either and decided it was time for it to go.  I got there and started looking for the snake around the back pool cage where he had been seeing it.  I looked and looked and looked for an hour or so and couldn’t find it.  I sat and watched for a little while as I’ve noticed sometimes they’ll pop out of wherever they’re hiding if left alone.  Still no snake.  I started looking again through all the bushes and trees as I occasionally find them there.  Sure enough, I spotted a little bit of black movement in the middle of a bush.  I watched it as the snake slowly moved upward towards the top of the bush and popped its head out.  Finally, I had found it.

Black Racer In Bush In Orlando
Black Racer In Bush In Orlando
Black Snake In Bush Orlando Removal
Black Snake In Bush Orlando Removal
Black Snake Removed From Orlando Shrub
Black Snake Removed From Orlando Shrub

Black Snake Terrifies Customer

Black Snake Education Settles Terrified Customer

A lot of people are terrified of snakes.  To some customers a harmless black snake, king snake, rat snake, or other non-venomous snake is a slithering terror waiting to attack.  I had one such run in a couple days ago.

A Harmless Black Snake Can Seem Dangerous To Some

The customer called in to the office in hysterics.  She had just seen a huge snake moving across her patio when she was leaving for work.  No longer was she going to work, or outside the house for that matter.  Not with certain death waiting just outside her door.  I pulled up to the house not sure what kind of snake it would be.  It was huge, that’s all I knew.  I walked around the house and found the massive, extremely deadly predator!  It turned out to be a completely harmless black snake.  I snapped a couple pictures and put the snake in my snake bag.  I then went in to talk to the customer.  She was extremely relieved to know I had caught it.  I eventually was able to convince her that it was harmless after showing her pictures of the snakes that are venomous and a picture of a black snake.  After some more coaxing, she even consented to letting me show her the snake while still in the bag.  After being around it for a few minutes and being educated on the harmlessness of this particular snake and most others, while still uncomfortable, she wanted a closer look.  I took it out of the bag and continued talking about how they are a fundamental part of the ecosystem, just as every other animal has its purpose.  After answering all her questions and putting most of her fears to rest, I left with her once deadly menace.