Bee Removal in Sarasota

Bee swarm under window sill Sarasota Florida
Bee swarm under window sill Sarasota Florida

Bee Trapper Saves Home Owner From Potential Danger

Nuisance Wildlife Removal received a call from a home owner in south Sarasota that was very concerned about a huge hive of bees that showed up outside, under her window.  She was not even aware that she had a problem.  Her neighbor next door noticed the swarm and notified her.

A Quick Response Was Needed

Both the neighbor and the homeowner were extremely concerned because the neighbor has a four year old little boy and the homeowner is highly allergic to bees.

Bee Hive Gone For Good

We responded and took care of the hive.  It had just begun to build and the bees had found a small crack just under the window.  We returned 72 hours later to see if clean-up of any hive / honey were necessary. Neither was present so we then sealed off the crack to prevent future entry from pests.

Bees In Tree Brings Stings

Bee Hive Treatment Followup

Today I went out to check on a bee hive that we had sprayed yesterday in order to clean out the hive and seal the hole.  An Orlando customer and her two kids had been stung several times by bees over the last few days.  The customer noticed the bees flying in and out of a hole fifteen to twenty feet off the ground in a tree.  I donned my bee keeper suit and sprayed the bees and hive yesterday.

Bees Are Gone And The Customer Is Happy

Today, the only thing left is the empty bee hive.  I will clean out as much of the hive as possible and seal the hole in the tree to prevent another swarm of bees from starting another colony in the same hole.