Squirrels can cause Fires in Attic

Squirrels Going in RoofIf you’ve been hearing scratching and chattering noises in your walls, attic or ceiling, you may be in the company of a family of squirrels. These rodents don’t respect your rights as a homeowner or tenant, and they don’t pay mortgages or rent!

What they do is cause damage to walls, siding, soffits and ceilings, leaving droppings, shells and nests in their wake. Like most rodents, they carry parasites and diseases that are harmful to humans. Because of this, it’s always a good idea to call a professional wildlife removal service that can address the problem safely.

Squirrels are particularly dangerous when they move into attic spaces. They have a real taste for the insulation that covers wiring.

Chewed wiring is bad for the squirrel, but it’s even worse for you. When they bite into wiring, they get a nasty, life-ending shock. They also cause shorts and sparks in the wires. In an environment full of insulation and dust, a deadly fire in the attic can break out in the middle of the day or night. A fire in the attic doesn’t care if you’re asleep at home or if you’re away on vacation.

In this case, we got a call from a management company after tenants called to complain about rodent noises in the house and a squirrel they’d seen coming and going. On inspection, we noticed they were getting in through the chase of the air conditioner. We’ve sent in a proposal for covering the chase and trapping any squirrels left inside. We hope they take us up on it before chewed wiring becomes a problem!

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