Raccoon Staredown

Raccoon Spotted in Attic
Raccoon Spotted in Attic

Raccoon Looking Back Is Oh So Creepy

A raccoon staring you in your face in a dark attic is something you never quite get used to, no matter how many times it’s happened. There’s just something about being in a dark attic, nothing visible but what’s in front of the beam of light coming from your headlamp when, as you’re sweeping back and forth with your light, all of a sudden you shine on a couple large green raccoon eyes like a giant pair of headlights.

Raccoons In The Attic

Today was another instance of that.  A customer in Orlando had been hearing a loud noise in their attic at night and called us out to determine what it is.  I spotted a piece of soffit crushed upward in the roof joint, a pretty good sign of raccoon entrance.  So, having a pretty good idea of what I was dealing with I hopped in the attic with my predator scent, lights, and other things to confirm that it was indeed a raccoon keeping the customer up all night and to scare it off with the predator scent.  About halfway through the attic, up popped those headlights, raccoon eyes staring right at me.  It was tucked in a far corner towards the edge of the attic in the soffit.  I watched it for a minute or two, snapped some pictures, sprayed the predator scent in a fashion as to scare the raccoon out, but not make it feel trapped, and finished inspecting the rest of the attic that wasn’t immediately in the raccoon’s vicinity in order to not make it feel threatened.  We’ll be back in a couple of days to see if we scared it away or to set a raccoon trap.  An exclusion will be necessary next to prevent reentry.


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