Pocket Gophers

Pocket Gophers Digging Away In Davenport Florida

Today we were sent out to an apartment complex in Davenport.  They informed us that they had some kind of animal digging up their beautiful, expensive Zoysia grass and leaving unsightly mounds of dirt in their wake.  On the way to the property it was evident that the surrounding area around the complex was completely overrun by pocket gophers.  Dozens and dozens of gopher mounds beyond the property line could be seen in every direction from each corner of the property.

After talking with management and maintenance we decided the best action would be to immediately trap the gophers that were tearing the landscape apart within the property and to begin trapping just outside the property to prevent movement of the gophers from outside to inside the property line.  I started poking and prodding the ground to find the gopher tunnels in various locations in and around the property.

I set two traps in each gopher tunnel, one facing one way and one the other way as the gopher may come from either direction.  I’ll be back tomorrow and every couple days after that until we rid the lawn and property of these nuisance gophers.



 A Return Visit To Check On The Gopher Problem

Today is the third time I’ve been back to check on the gopher activity in Davenport.  The first trip to check the traps resulted in eight out of nine tunnels producing a trapped gopher.  The second produced another half dozen.  The gopher activity within the property has completely stopped with the third trap check.  No longer do the annoying, lawn destroying gopher mounds dot the expensive landscape.  Gopher activity has diminished substantially outside the property as well.  A few more trips and the activity should be completely eradicated in and immediately around the apartment complex.