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Bats are the only flying mammals in existence. Thirteen species live in Florida where insects, fruit and pollen are plentiful. Bats are nocturnal, catching their prey at night and sleeping in roosts by day.

Bats Eat The Pesky Insects

Bats are generally considered beneficial because they eat vast numbers of mosquitoes and other insect pests. Unfortunately, their need for warm roosts can lead them to invade homes, attics and roofs. A tile roof that traps heat during the day and radiates warmth at night is especially attractive for nesting.

How To Know Bats Have Intruded Your Home

Bats in the home can cause property damage, increased insurance premiums and personal injury. Their feces, called guano, stain surfaces cause odors and grow dangerous fungi and histoplasmosis as they accumulate. Bats are the largest known vector for rabies in North America, and a sick bat can transmit rabies to a human through a single bite.

An infestation of bats can be identified by the presence of feces and guano or the sound of scratching and flapping coming from the attic during the night. For safety’s sake, homeowners should not attempt to trap or handle a bat but should immediately call an experienced wildlife control specialist.

Call The Experts In Bat Removal

Our company is licensed, bonded and insured for removal of many types of animal infestation, including the humane trapping of bats. If property has been damaged, we can contact insurance providers and prevent denial of claims. Call us, and we’ll identify how and where the bats are getting into an attic or tile roof and prevent them from coming back.


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