Baby Raccoons Ousted

Raccoons Love The Attic Places

Baby Raccoon
Baby Raccoon

There are a few reasons a raccoon wants to be in an attic.  The safety and cleanliness of the attic. Being a closed structure both keeps the elements and predators away.  Safety is always a prime concern for any animal and an attic is the perfect hideout from coyotes and other predators.

Raccoons also tend to stay close to their food source, so if abundant food is near an accessible attic it’s a natural place for the raccoons to live.  Another big reason raccoons like to enter an attic is to give birth and raise their young.  Again, it provides safety and an environment protected from the weather.

Raccoon Rescued From A Dreary Attic Again

Today we finished removing a mother raccoon and her babies from a customer’s attic in Orlando.  A few days ago we got a call from a customer complaining of a lot of noise in their attic at night.  I went in the attic and saw the tell-tale signs of raccoons:  feces, urine, and insulation thrown around.  As I made my way across the attic I started hearing a raccoon growling.  It was down in a wall and didn’t want me any closer, a good sign there are babies.

So, after letting the homeowner know what was going on I set a trap and left.  The next day we caught the mother. I went back into the attic to try to find the baby raccoons if there were any.  I found three at the top of the wall I heard the mother raccoon growling at me from.  I looked around and didn’t find any others or hear any whining anywhere.  Assuming we were done, I sealed up the exterior of the house to prevent another raccoon from getting in.  However, the next day we got a call for the same Orlando residence.  The customer was hearing a whining noise from the attic.  The customer walked me around the house to the area they thought it was coming from.  It seemed to be coming from the soffit.  I slid a piece out of the way and there was the last baby raccoon, holding onto the piece I had slid over.

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