Meet The Friendly Staff Behind Nuisance Wildlife Trapper Inc.

JeffJeff Norris NorrisPresident Jeff Norris, Owner of Nuisance Wildlife Removal, is an experienced hunter and trapper. Formerly an inspector for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, he started trapping part-time and built the business into a full-time enterprise. Jeff has an outlook that’s a little different then most trappers: his goal is to relocate the animal whenever possible. And with that philosophy he established he has been the driving force behind Nuisance Wildlife Removal.


Christy NorrisChristy Norris Vice President Christy works with our corprate customers including management companies and apartment complexes as well as headsing up our insurance claims division.

JJames Adcockames Adcock TechnicianSupervisor, Central Florida James runs our Orlando area office. James has come a long way in the last three years he has worked for us. He is very knowledgeable in wildlife removal and is gaining more experience and responsibility in management and marketing.

Valerie StonerValerie Stoner Office Manager  Valerie has more than ten years office administration experience. Her background in office management ranges from delegating work to three to five employees, running the crews out in the field, working with the top CEO’s of the company, to micromanaging the office duties when necessary.  Over the last four to five years she has become adept at working with web page design and marketing.

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