Dead Animal Removal

 Ohhhh! The Smell!

Did you hear scratching / noises in the attic & think that you could take care of the rodent situation yourself by putting poison in the attic??   Did the rodent end up dying in the attic, maybe under the house,  in the AC duct or down a wall?  Or maybe a squirrel, opossum, or raccoon found its way in but could not get back out, leaving a horrendous smell in the house, staining on the walls / ceiling, not to mention the millions of flies.

 Stop Fighting The Horrid Odors

Well Nuisance Wildlife Removal offers a dead animal removal service. We have mastered several techniques to locate and retrieve the dead animal with usually little to no damage to the structure. We have a camera scope that we are able to insert into walls, ducts, ceilings and pin point the exact location of the dead animal.  Once that is done we are then able to remove it and can generally patch / secure the area with a wall plate or closed vent until the home owner is able to get the drywall repaired properly.

We Go The Extra Mile

After the dead animal is removed whether it be  from the attic, a wall or duct we make sure that we take the steps needed to return the property back to a safe healthy living environment. The area will be cleaned & sanitized and an odor control agent will be used to eliminate that unwanted smell, you will be back to normal in no time!

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One comment on “Dead Animal Removal

  1. we have a dead rat in our duct system. can you help us to locate it. its not in our attic. the horrendous smell comes only out of our vents. we have opened the heating unit and no dead rat there so it must be in the air ducts.
    thank u, wayne forte

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