Attic Clean Up And Restoration

Once raccoons, bats, birds, rats, opossums or squirrels have gained entry into your attic space and nested it is very important to clean up all droppings and insulation to prevent health risk. Raccoons carry raccoon round worm and many other parasites that may cause illness.  Bird and bat droppings can cause histoplasmosis which causes upper respiratory infections.  Not only do they cause health risks but they also matte down the insulation for nesting and bedding which causes it to become ineffective. It is very important to have all insulation removed and re-insulated up to code.

Removal Process

Attic restoration is an extensive process, which often means greater expense. If your home has been invaded by bats, raccoons or opossums,  most of the time the expenses will be covered thru your homeowners insurance.  We deal with insurance companies daily to provide estimates and get your cost covered, as well as providing second opinions.

What Can I Expect During The Restoration?

Your home will be treated like it is our own. We take pride in keeping the contamination to your living space to a minimum.  All of your flooring with be covered with plastic runners in the areas that we are working in. A zip-wall will be installed around the attic hatch to prevent any debris from falling into or contaminating the home. All technicians will wear Tyveck suits, respirators, boot covers and eye protection, thus protecting and keeping the contamination down.  Temporary lighting will be installed throughout the attic to provide adequate lighting.  Once all safety measure and barriers have been setup the removal process is then started.

We start by doing a bacterial digester treatment in the attic to encapsulate the droppings / urine to minimize the dust / debris particles. Next comes the removal of the contaminated insulation and droppings.  This is done via large commercial grade hepa vacuums located on the exterior of the home. The insulation is all contained within the sealed tubes and blown into the bags on the exterior of the home.  All of the bags are transferred into dumpsters to be taken away. Once all of the insulation and droppings have been removed we will then do a clean vac of the entire attic space to be sure that all particles and debris are removed.

After all debris has been removed we then apply the second treatment of bacterial digester that is fogged in at 7 microns to reach all cracks and crevices throughout the attic. Along with treating the attic for fungi and bacteria we also treat the attic for parasites and any insects that have been left behind from the animals nesting.  Now that the attic has been completely cleaned and disinfected the attic is re-insulated.  This is done up to code, normally R-30.  Once this is all completed your home has been restored to a healthy living environment for you and your family.


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