Rats invading home

Getting rid of mice and rats in the home is a three-part process that is best handled by a trained professional, especially if the infestation is large and entrenched. Here’s a perfect example that shows why wildlife removal services are so necessary in the Florida environment.

This homeowner had an ongoing rodent problem, and this picture shows the reason why, though you might not see it at first. It just looks like a house, surrounded by overgrown shrubs and plantings, but to a trained eye, it looks like rat heaven!

Planting shrubs too close to a house makes a perfect hiding place for rats and mice, who can jump and climb. Overgrown roots and branches can cause openings in foundations and siding where rodents can get in. In this case, the critters were getting in through a soffit opening.

Once we identified how rats and mice were getting into the house, rat removal and mouse trapping could begin. First, we trimmed back the vegetation to take away their convenient hiding places. Next, we closed the openings where they were gaining entry. Then we set humane traps for rat removal and mouse trapping of the rodents that were still indoors, cleaning up droppings and nests wherever we found them.

The result was a quick, easy solution and a happy, rodent-free homeowner. Don’t tackle getting rid of mice and rats in home environments on your own. Doing that can lead to more expensive problems, property damage and dangers to your health in the long term. Our service personnel are prompt, courteous and extremely efficient, and our initial home inspection is free of charge.

Call a professional and get the job done right!

If you are buying a home call for a free animal inspection

photo 2Buying a home is one of life’s biggest events. There’s so much to be careful about. Inspections, contracts, bids and moving in can be very stressful, and it’s easy to let something important slip through the cracks.

That’s what happened to this homeowner. She didn’t think to have a wildlife removal service inspect the property for evidence of infestation. Sure enough, right after she moved in, she heard scratching noises in the attic. She called us for a free animal inspection, and we came out right away.

Sure enough, there were rats in the house, particularly in the attic. You can see their tracks in the dust, here. Apparently, the previous owner was aware of the problem and had done some spot-cleaning to make it less apparent. Unfortunately, the new owner got stuck with a big problem. There was even a hole in the roof where rodents were getting in and out, and the infestation had definitely been going on for a long time.

Don’t let this happen to you! A home inspection is easy to arrange, and it’s free. Animal inspection can find mice, rats, snakes, groundhogs, nutria, deer and almost any kind of wildlife problem common to Florida’s environment. Our service professionals are trained to recognize telltale signs you might not notice at first, and we’re equipped to handle the problem for you safely, efficiently and permanently.

An animal inspection should be right up there with the required home inspection when you’re buying a house. We offer free animal inspections to new homeowners almost every day. Fortunately, we’re going to get rid of the rats in the house for this new homeowner.

Rat Removal Lakewood Ranch


Speaking of wildlife, I get rid of rats in Lakewood Ranch all the time. I’m glad to do this work because it makes the environment safer for people. Rats, mice and other rodents carry diseases, and their droppings cause viruses in humans. They also cause millions of dollars in property damage each year, in the state of Florida, alone.

If you want to get rid of rats in Lakewood Ranch, don’t try doing it on your own with traps and poisons. Those can be dangerous for people as well as their pets. It’s always better to call a professional service. For rat removal Lakewood Ranch FL, my company is one of the best and most efficient. My trained service people quickly identify how rodents are getting in, close their points of entry, trap and remove rats and mice from indoor spaces, and clean up afterwards. We leave your premises clean and rodent free for a very reasonable price.

Mice removal in Lakewood Ranch is quick and easy, too! Our company uses humane traps that are free of poisons. We can also advise you on simple ways to prevent mice from coming back.

Rat and mice removal in Lakewood Ranch has never been easier. Call us for a free inspection and consultation, and we’ll solve the problem fast.

And when you’re out and about, watch out for the deer!

Yosemite Hantavirus

Yosemite Hantavirus May And Larger Mouse Population

By Kate Mather, Los Angeles Times  6:00 PM PDT, September 12, 2012

The population of mice that carry hantavirus may have swelled in Yosemite National Park, a possible lead in the ongoing investigation into an outbreak of infections that has killed three people since mid-June.

Trapping of deer mice indicates a larger population, a possible factor in the outbreak of infections. Three Yosemite visitors have died from the disease.

Recent trapping related to the investigation indicates that the park’s deer mouse population is larger this year, said Dr. Vicki Kramer, head of the California Department of Public Health’s vector-borne disease section. Deer mice are the primary carriers of hantavirus in the U.S.

Rodent Trappings Provide Evidence

Agency officials have twice laid peanut butter-laced traps for the rodents at the park, Kramer said. The first traps, set out between Aug. 21 and Aug. 23, were centered on Curry Village, where seven of the eight hantavirus cases have been traced to tent cabins.

About 50% of the Curry Village traps caught mice, and 13.7% of the rodents tested positive for antibodies of sin nombre virus, indicating that they either have, or have had, hantavirus. The statewide average is about 14%, Kramer said.

Trapping resumed last week, after additional cases of hantavirus were linked to Yosemite — including one traced to the High Sierra Loop that links Yosemite Valley with Tuolumne Meadows and other areas. Traps were also laid in Tuolumne Meadows, where about 45% were successful, Kramer said.

That could indicate a larger mouse population, she said. In 2007, only 17% of traps in the area caught mice; in 2008, 25%. Antibody results for the second set of traps were not yet available.

Some experts have wondered if a population boom of deer mice contributed to the Yosemite outbreak. Scientists have attributed the 1993 outbreak in the Four Corners region of the Southwest to an abundant deer mouse population that year.

“That could be a contributing factor,” Kramer said of the Yosemite cases. “This seems to be supporting that hypothesis.”

Officials have called the Yosemite outbreak unprecedented — more than one hantavirus infection from the same location in the same year is rare. The disease is typically transmitted to humans as they inhale dust or dirt containing the droppings or urine of infected mice.

The mice collected from Yosemite were euthanized and stored in freezers in case experts need their blood or tissue for additional research, said Kramer, who added that fewer than 100 mice had been trapped.

“Our objective is not rodent reduction but risk assessment, by trying to get a general idea of mice abundance,” Kramer said.

Park Visitors May Increase Rodent Populations

It could take months to complete the investigation into the Yosemite outbreak, which is being conducted by state and federal agencies, said Danielle Buttke, a veterinary epidemiologist with the National Park Service.

Officials are looking at other factors, among them the density of development in Curry Village, she said. The popular campground offers more food for mice, as well as protection — natural predators are more likely to be scared off by such a large human presence.


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Can Rats Climb Walls?

People always ask us “How do rats get into our attic?” Well the answer is simple they climb. “But I don’t have any trees touching my home” as in this video you can see they don’t need trees to get onto your roof. I have seen then climb stucco, brick and even wood homes.

Just Ask The Professionals First

So when battling a rodent infestations remember the whole structure must be sealed. That is from top to bottom and underneath if an elevated structure.

 There Is Help Available

So remember when dealing with a rat infestation call the PROS at Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc. to eradicate your rodent issues.

Empty House Inviting To Rats

Rats Move In Very Quickly

Homes left vacant for extended periods of time are prime breeding ground for animals, especially rats. Whether it’s a foreclosed, inherited, or vacation home, if steps aren’t taken to seal the entire structure off from animals prior to vacating the home, the owner is asking for an infestation of rats or another animals upon returning.

Today was the perfect example. A couple from northern Georgia inherited a home from a recently deceased relative. They removed most everything inside and simply locked up and left it until the following year. They also had the water and power shut off, a big mistake.

I was let in by a neighbor and immediately was overwhelmed with the stench of feces, urine, and a dead animal. The carpet was covered in rat feces and chewed throughout the house. Drywall had been chewed through and a dead rat was found in the toilet. With the water being off the rats were free to run through the plumbing from the sewer and come up through toilets and sinks.

The outside of the home also showed evidence of the rats traveling between the inside and outside where vents and other entry points were not covered or covered poorly with thin mesh that was simply chewed through.


A Good Rat Ousting Is In Order

An extensive cleaning will need to be done on the inside, an exclusion done on the outside, the water turned back on, and a plumber will need to be out to see if the integrity of the plumbing has been compromised.


Rat vs Mold

A Tall Of Rats And Mold

I received a frantic call from a homeowner that had a rat running around her condo on Siesta Key. The rat had been:

  • eating her fruit on the counter,
  • getting into her trash,
  • chewing on the couch &
  • leaving droppings and urine everywhere.

We responded and did a complete inspection of the condo.  It appeared as though the rat was coming and going thru a hole under the dishwasher in the slab. We tried to take the dishwasher out so we could seal the entry point but the tile had been installed after the dishwasher, so it was basically built-in.  We finally got the dishwasher’s feet turned down enough to clear the counter and tile, allowing it to clear enough to be slid out.  Or so we thought as the copper water line had no slack for us to pull the dishwasher out. So, again we are at a stand still.  A plumber was called to remove the dishwasher so we could seal the entry points.

Since we could not seal the entry point right away we set numerous rat traps throughout the condo to capture and remove the unwanted pest.  Continuing the inspection of the condo, we went into the guest bedroom where the home owner was concerned that there might be something in the water turn off area since we found an opening under the dishwasher already .  She opened the closet and went to move a few items that were stored in the closet and wow, were we surprised.

It appeared as though there was a leak of some sort coming from the water turn off area.  The wall was covered in black mold. We removed the panel to the water turn off area and there was definitely a leak, and it was still leaking. Water was just running out of the cast iron pipe.  I advised the homeowner that she needed to call the management company and also a plumber again.

Everyone Working On A Solution To Be Rat And Mold Free

At this point the rodent was the least of their concern.  This leak had been going on for sometime because unfortunately it was in a closet in an unoccupied room, used only as storage and rarely looked at.  The management company sent out a mold specialist and a plumber and everyone is working together to get this homeowner “back-to-normal!”



Noisey Sarasota Attic

A Rodent Nightmare In Sarasota

Rodents like rats and mice can be a serious nuisance.  A Sarasota home I was called out to last week was a rodent nightmare.  The family complained about hearing scratching and tapping coming from above their ceiling. I knew right away it was a rodent issue. Sure enough after taking a quick glance in the attic, I saw rat droppings everywhere.

Where Were The Rodents Getting In?

The first step was to figure out where they were getting in to the home.  I noticed two small holes in the corner of the attic where sunlight was shining through, so I plugged those holes and set numerous traps.

A Call Back To Finish The Rodent Problem

On my return service visit, I found that every trap had been successful.  It is important to remove the trapped rats as soon as possible to avoid sitting in the heat of the attic.

The family was at ease knowing the smalls holes in their home’s attic where filled professionally and the rats we’re gone for good!

CALL 866-263-WILD (9453)

Snow Birds Take Flight

Strange Noises Coming From The Attic

I received a phone call from a local management company today in reference to a complaint from their tenant hearing noises in the attic of a manufactured home. We scheduled an appointment for an inspection of the property, offering same day service to eliminate the management company possibly losing a seasonal renter.

A Thorough Inspection Is Needed

We arrived at the local Bradenton mobile home community and met with the tenants, who were more than grateful to see us.  After listening to their observations we were fairly certain that the issue at hand was rodents nesting in the ceiling.  But, to be sure, a complete inspection of the entire mobile home was done. It was noted that the entire underneath of the home was wide open.  All of the breather blocks along the foundation had never been sealed against rodents or any animals. There were also several vents and a few areas around the water heater that were wide open, allowing easy access for the rodents straight into the walls leading to the ceiling. After we completed the inspection we explained to the tenant that we would call the management company, discuss our findings and proceed upon approval.

We Are Always Intent On Meeting The Customer Needs

We are always very cautious on what we discuss with the tenants, thus leaving it up to the management company to explain in everything in-depth from their standpoint.  Again this lessens the chance of them losing their tenant.  Everything was discussed with the management company.  It was explained that we would need to exclude the entire perimeter of the trailer, screen around the bottom, seal the miscellaneous open vents and water heater area.

Once the exclusion is complete we would then start the trapping process to remove the rodents trapped inside the sealed perimeter.  We do not use any poison as we would not want the resident to end up with a dead animal under the home or in a wall.

Their Vacation Was Back On Track

After everything was explained to the management company the proposal was accepted and the exclusion has been scheduled.  I then phoned the tenant to let them know that we would be out to relieve them of further sleepless nights.  They were more than ecstatic to say the least!