Pasco County Snake Removal

Poisonous Or Nonpoisonous

Nuisance Wildlife Removal provides same day, professional Pasco County snake removal service. Our technicians are trained in Florida snake identification to distinguish between venomous snakes like the eastern diamondback rattlesnake and non-venomous snakes such as the very common black snake or black racer. We remove all types of snakes, venomous or non-venomous, including North America’s most venomous snake, the eastern coral snake. Dangerous or not, large or small, we can catch and remove snakes of all species found in Pasco County, including pythons and cobras.

Snake Locator

We are also highly experienced in snake prevention methods, keeping those slithering reptiles away from your Pasco County property. Snakes can be deterred in a number of ways. Like any mammal they like to be in safe areas with a lot of cover and areas with a healthy food supply, like rats and mice. Our technicians are trained to find snake nests and determine why the snakes are there in the first place. This allows us to effectively not only remove snakes already present but to help prevent other snakes from moving in later.

Snake Return Prevention

For a lot of people, a snake in the house is a terrifying thought. We know areas commonly susceptible to allowing a snake inside your home and can seal these areas against entry, preventing this snake nightmare.

So whether you need a snake removal technician immediately, need some snake prevention help, or need your home sealed to prevent snakes from getting in the house, give Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call at 866-263-WILD for any Pasco County snake control issue.

2 comments on “Snake Removal Pasco County

  1. I have a snake that has visited twice now .it is a black snake with one white strip from side to side across its head.I have lived in st Pete Florida all my life and I now live in holiday I have never seen this type of snake I have goggled and all that comes up is ring neck its not a ring neck or a racer two fat for racer and the head is something like a boa or is aggressive it doesn’t try to leave it somewhat comes at ya opening and closing its mouth,which is white eyesight isn’t good enough to have seen the eyes and the tail had a gradual taper I would like to know what type of snake I am dealing with.have seen it in both front and back yard

  2. I keep having what i beileve to be pigy ratllesnakes around my pool area and drive way not sure what they are or how tbey are getting in

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