Apopka Rat Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Removal of Apopka offers effective and lasting solutions to your rodent issues, not just temporary stop-gap measures. Many homes and businesses in Apopka are plagued with rodents. However, most people are not aware they have a rodent issue until it’s gotten out of hand. This is why we offer inspections to homeowners in Apopka to determine if there is a problem and to pinpoint how the rats are getting into your home to effectively stop it.

The Rats Characteristics Revealed

Our highly trained technicians are adept at figuring out what type of rodent is entering the home and determining the best rat removal method. We understand the unique traits and characteristics of rodents found in Apopka, making it easier to find and seal rat entry points. Knowing the difference between a citrus rat and Norway rat may not seem important, but many times it explains why a rodent issue exists and what measures can be taken to eliminate it.

We know the nesting, feeding, and general signs of every type of rat in Apopka like chewed fruit in fruit trees, tunneling in the insulation, chewed AC ducts and wires, and grease marks. Our technicians are even trained to identify the age and type of rat droppings left by disease carrying rats like the fruit rat or brown rat. This all helps establish an effective rat trapping and exclusion plan.

We know that rodents such as the roof rat like to climb to the roof to get into the attic, as well as live under homes when possible. We offer a vast array of services that are targeted for not only trapping and removing the rodents but also for protecting you and your property in Apopka by effectively sealing every possible entry point a rat may find.

Rats Cause Extensive Damage

Rodents can cause a lot of damage if left unattended. Don’t be tempted to deal with the problem alone. Rat droppings and nests carry diseases that are harmful to humans when carelessly handled. We not only offer solutions for sealing your home against re-entry, we also practice strict methods for handling what they leave behind.

Our rodent removal services in Apopka include prompt, courteous and professional service. When you call 866-263-WILD, we answer your questions and ask a few of our own. After consultation, we come to your residential or commercial property in Apopka and inspect the premises for rodent evidence and make specific recommendations for treating what we find.


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