Bay Hill Raccoon Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Removal provides professional Bay Hill raccoon removal services from start to finish: removing the animal, sealing the home or business against reentry with our exclusion process, repairing raccoon damage, and cleaning up the fecal matter and urine left behind.

Raccoon Encounters Can Be Harmful

Raccoons can be very dangerous for a couple reasons and should only be dealt with by a professional. Raccoons carry many diseases in their feces and proper precautions must be taken when inspecting an attic or trying to remove the raccoon, as well as when removing the mess. Another danger is the animal itself. While very skittish and not looking for a fight in most circumstances, raccoons do defend themselves and their babies if left with no other choice. Knowing how to avoid these circumstances is essential to safe raccoon removal from an attic or other area.

Natural Raccoon Removal

Many things must be taken into consideration once it has been decided to remove a raccoon from an area, especially an enclosed environment like an attic. We prefer, out of experience, to let the raccoons’ natural instincts work in our favor to evict themselves via a predator scent we spray throughout most of the attic. This makes the raccoons believe they are in danger, causing them to voluntarily leave.

This process has a couple advantages. We, and the homeowner, don’t have to worry about any potential damage caused by raccoon trapping as they will dig at anything under or around the trap, whether it be the lawn, the roof, or whatever else is around where the trap is set. It also eliminates the possibility of leaving helpless baby raccoons in the attic once the mother is trapped. This often leads to walls or recesses in the ceiling needing cut open to find the baby raccoons as the mother raccoon will try to hide them in the safest place she can find. With our method, the mother raccoon will take the babies with her when she leaves, avoiding the extra hassle and cost of finding and removing the baby raccoons.

Raccoons Stay Out Guarantee

After the raccoons are removed it is very important to seal the entry points to prevent other animals from getting into the attic. Over the more then fifteen years in business we have developed methods of sealing homes to keep nuisance animals out for good. Unlike most companies, we don’t just simply use foam and wire to create a temporary, unsightly fix. Our techniques, developed with longevity and appearance in mind, allow us to warranty all of our jobs, putting our customers at ease.
If you have a raccoon issue, give Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call at 866-263-WILD and we will promptly send one of our professional Bay Hill wildlife removal technicians out to help rid you of your nuisance raccoon.

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