Raccoonsraccon enters attic through hole in soffit

Raccoons are common nuisance animals, especially in urban areas where food and sheltering structures are plentiful. The mild climate and dense population of the Gulf Coast provide a particularly hospitable environment for them to feed and multiply.

Raccoons Feed And Roam At Night

Raccoons are nocturnal and omnivorous, meaning they are most active at night and eat almost anything. Garbage cans are their favorite refrigerators and any accessible attic is their home of choice. With thick fur, attractive markings and bright little eyes, they can seem friendly, clever and, with their habit of washing food before they eat it, almost human.

Raccoons Can Carry Dangerous Diseases

Don’t be fooled. Because they eat garbage, they are host to many diseases and parasites that are dangerous to humans. Raccoon round worm, also known as Baylisascaris procyonis, can infect small children. Florida’s warm climate makes this animal susceptible to fleas and ticks, which carry another set of pathogens. Like bats and a host of warm-blooded animals, rabies has been documented in Florida raccoons and can be transmitted to humans through bites.


We Will Do The Job For You

Our wildlife control specialists can protect homeowners from raccoon round worm (Baylisascaris procyonis) and rabies by finding out how the raccoon is getting into an attic, garbage can or outbuilding, and secure the structures when the animal isn’t around.
We can trap the raccoon humanely and safely, so you don’t have to.  These are not animals that homeowners should try to trap themselves. Though a nuisance raccoon can be shot by anyone with a hunting license, this animal is otherwise protected by law.

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2 comments on “Raccoons

  1. I live in south Sarasota county. Daily, my neighbor’s filthy trash is scattered by raccoons. Another neighbor entertains himself by shooting the raccoon with a slingshot using pennies as ammo. I am appalled by both neighbor activities. I hope to approach my homeowner assn for relief but should have a business to refer them to, and a price estimate quote. Please, can you tell me if you work in Sarasota county and a ballpark figure of the cost of your services?

  2. I live in Clearwater in the countryside area. A raccoon came into the house thru the lanai and was eating the food for the cats. I stood up and it ran outside. I need it trapped. please phone me 727.271.9040.

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