Orlando Bee Swarm

Orlando Bee Swarm
Orlando Bee Swarm

We get called out for many different types of bee problems in Orlando.  Some of them involve a honeybee swarm like this Orlando bee swarm shown.  Occasionally honeybees will swarm an area, collecting on a tree, wall, or other object.  Most of the time this is due to the natural reproduction cycle of the bees.  The swarm has either already found its permanent nesting site or is in preparation to move to it.

Bees Looking For A New Home

When bees swarm like in the picture it doesn’t always mean they are there to stay.  When a bee colony prepares to leave and find a new nesting area they will gather very close, usually within a dozen feet or so of the original hive.  Scout bees are sent out to find suitable nesting sites.  Once the site is agreed upon the rest of the hive flies to the site and begins building the new hive. It can take a few days for the hive to move from this temporary spot to a new, permanent nesting spot.

A New Buzz To The Family

The bee swarm pictured is more than likely the permanent place the hive had chosen to move to.  An Orlando customer called us out to exterminate the swarm of bees shown in the picture on the back of the house.  They had noticed a handful of bees over the last few days going in and out a small hole under the electrical box.  Then, all of a sudden, a huge swarm of bees, numbering into the thousands, appeared at the same spot.   This is indicative of the honeybee reproduction cycle and suggests this was their new nesting site.


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