If you are buying a home call for a free animal inspection

photo 2Buying a home is one of life’s biggest events. There’s so much to be careful about. Inspections, contracts, bids and moving in can be very stressful, and it’s easy to let something important slip through the cracks.

That’s what happened to this homeowner. She didn’t think to have a wildlife removal service inspect the property for evidence of infestation. Sure enough, right after she moved in, she heard scratching noises in the attic. She called us for a free animal inspection, and we came out right away.

Sure enough, there were rats in the house, particularly in the attic. You can see their tracks in the dust, here. Apparently, the previous owner was aware of the problem and had done some spot-cleaning to make it less apparent. Unfortunately, the new owner got stuck with a big problem. There was even a hole in the roof where rodents were getting in and out, and the infestation had definitely been going on for a long time.

Don’t let this happen to you! A home inspection is easy to arrange, and it’s free. Animal inspection can find mice, rats, snakes, groundhogs, nutria, deer and almost any kind of wildlife problem common to Florida’s environment. Our service professionals are trained to recognize telltale signs you might not notice at first, and we’re equipped to handle the problem for you safely, efficiently and permanently.

An animal inspection should be right up there with the required home inspection when you’re buying a house. We offer free animal inspections to new homeowners almost every day. Fortunately, we’re going to get rid of the rats in the house for this new homeowner.

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