Nuisance Wildlife Removal Services


Nuisance Wildlife Removal safely and humanely removes all species of animals allowed by law, from a small little bee up to Florida bobcats, and everything in between.  There’s nothing we haven’t dealt with over our more than fifteen years in business.  So if you need animal trapping to keep nuisance animals out of your trash or garage, mole or gopher trapping to stop lawn destruction, bee or snake removal, dead animal removal, or any other possible issue with nuisance animals, give us a call at 866-263-WILD.

Some animal removal calls are certainly more common than others.  We most frequently deal with determining what that noise in your attic is and getting rid of it and making sure it can never get back in by excluding the exterior of the home.  Whether it’s:

  • rats,
  • bats,
  • raccoons, or
  • opossums

keeping you up at night with constant noise in the ceiling or walls, we know how to effectively stop it.  We can also trap and remove nuisance animals outside of the home if they are becoming too inquisitive, putting you or your pets in potential danger.

Once the nuisance critters are out of your attic we specialize in restoring it to the way it was before the animals got in.  Urine and fecal matter are left behind and need to be properly and safely removed to prevent the possibility of contracting diseases left behind.  Also, a complete inspection is important to determine if any damage to wiring or the HVAC system has occurred.

We also frequently remove snakes from inside and outside homes.  We are experts in finding and sealing where they are entering the home as well as snake prevention methods to keep them away from your home to begin with.  Venomous or not, small or large, we remove all types of snakes, including pythons and boa constrictors.  We’ve seen them all.

Bees are a common problem in Florida and we are constantly removing them.  We remove:

  • honey bees,
  • hornets,
  • wasps,
  • yellow jackets,
  • carpenter bees, and even
  • Africanized or killer bees.

We are also trained to remove the hive to prevent recolonization and to prevent the honey from running down your walls and rotting, attracting ants and other pests.

Exotic Animals And Snakes Are Welcome

We also occasionally deal with some more exotic animal issues such as otter, iguana, and peacock removal.  Skunks also occasionally become a nuisance to home owners and we know how to deal with these smelly pests.  Wild hogs can be a nuisance as well, tearing up beautiful landscaping.  Coyotes getting too friendly, coming to close to homes are also an issue we deal with from time to time.  With the large number of pools in Florida we also prevent birds from roosting on pool enclosures, making messes underneath.

If you have any nuisance animal issue or think you might, give Nuisance Wildlife Removal Inc.a call and we’ll send out one of our highly trained technicians to take care of it for you.


CALL 866-263-WILD (9453)

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