Lake Magdalene Bee Removal

Nuisance Wildlife Removal provides professional Lake Magdalene bee removal and bee extermination service. We are trained in the most up to date and safest bee removal techniques for wasps, honey bees, yellow jackets, hornets, carpenter bees, and the extremely dangerous Africanized honey bee, or killer bee.

We Have The Trained Bee Removal Workforce To Serve You

A swarm of bees is something best left for a professional to handle. A seemingly small amount of bees may in fact be a hive of thousands upon thousands of bees. Aside from the killer bee, honey bees are not generally aggressive until disturbed. Once disturbed however, the bees give off pheromones alerting the rest of the hive to danger, sending out the rest of the unseen bees to ward off the danger and protect the hive and queen bee. We at Nuisance Wildlife Removal of Lake Magdalene possess the proper protective gear, technique, and knowledge so essential to the successful removal and extermination of bee hives.

Call Our Professional Bee Removal Staff First

After the bees have been dealt with the hive and honey removal is just as important. An unattended bee hive is a mess waiting to happen. Without the bees keeping up the hive, the honey will begin to drip down everything underneath it, leaving behind a very unpleasant smell. It also attracts other pests such as ants and rodents as well as other bees. That’s right, if a hive is not properly removed there is a high risk of another hive being started in the same or adjacent location to the bee hive just exterminated. Let our Lake Magdalene bee removal technicians make sure this doesn’t happen.

Bees Will Build A Hive Any Place Possible

Over the years we have found and removed bees and their hives in every imaginable place in Lake Magdalene: in trees, walls, siding, boats, attics, under trailers and sheds, abandoned buildings, chimneys, electrical boxes, storage units, and a host of other areas. Give Nuisance Wildlife Removal a call at 866-263-WILD to professionally handle any and all of your bee removal needs.


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