Dead Opossum in Attic

Dead Opossum In Attic In Orlando

“There’s a what in my attic,” exclaimed an Orlando customer today.

We routinely get called out to figure out why someone’s house has a dead smell emanating from seemingly everywhere, especially the attic.

Dead Opossum in Attic
Dead Opossum in Attic

A dead rat or mouse is generally the reason for the offending smell.  A lot of times customers attempt to rid their nuisance rodents themselves by poisoning them with various products.

While effective, there are a couple of issues with using poison.

  • It often leads to a rat dying in the attic or a wall and sometimes that noise coming from the attic isn’t a rat or mouse.  Sometimes it’s a squirrel or raccoon.
  • Less frequently, and to the surprise of a lot of people, it’s an opossum.

Today It Was An Opossum

That was exactly the case today.  A customer had been hearing something running along the ceiling off and on for a couple weeks.  Assuming it was a rat he went to Home Depot in Orlando, bought some rat poison, and threw it in the attic.  After the poison killed the opossum the homeowner finally gave in and called us out as the problem now was only getting worse.  I removed the dead opossum and explained that it wasn’t rats he was hearing but that the opossum had been living in the attic.

After getting over the shock that an opossum could or would want to be in his attic he asked how to prevent it and other animals from getting back into the attic.  I explained our exclusion process and plan on being back out tomorrow to seal the exterior of the house to prevent reentry.

Why play around with an opossum that really is dead, not just playing dead. Get a professional wild animal removal expert on the job as fast as possible.


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